Refund Policy

Below refund policy applies to all our premium products or services sold from, & website.

All of our products are cutting-edge, highly professional and super powerful as they are built with a lot of love and hard work. Besides, we have a dedicated support team as a standby backing to help our clients/ customers instantly through support forums, email or live online chat. We bet for the premium-quality products and services which never fail to please the customers.

We always recommend you to check product features, documentation guide & demo before you purchase any products with us. Please always feel free to make adequate pre-sales inquiry before purchasing any product.

Since the nature of the products we sell are digital & virtual where products are delivered to buyers in a downloadable zip file. In-case of refund products are not returned to us like as the return of physical goods. Although, we do have seven days refund policy in digital goods that we sell. Since, products are delivered though download link we have few terms that every buyers should follow to get refund.

Here are important terms that every buyers need to follow to be eligible to get full refund. Buyers simply asking refund or claiming refund through payment processor won’t be issued refund in any case.


A 1.0: As all products that we sell are digital & virtual, if buyers encountered any issue/problem with the product they must contact support team through any medium like email, forum or live chat. If the support team failed to solve the issue/problem that buyers are having, the buyer is entitled with a full refund. Buyers claiming for a refund with whatever reasons without reaching to support team won’t be eligible for a refund.

B 2.0: We won’t allow refund if buyers simply change their mind not to use the product after purchasing our product.

C 3.0: We always try our best to provide more detailed information about the product that we sell. We encourage buyers to ask us pre-sales questions though email, forum or live chat. If a buyer claims a refund for features that are not listed in the specific product sales page, we will not allow refund in this case.

D 4.0: Absolutely no refund is given if you simply made the wrong choice while purchasing any products. For example: if you were willing to buy a magazine theme but you mistakenly purchased blog theme. 

E 5.0:  As the nature of the products that we sell are digital & virtual. We believe seven days is enough to test our products. Any refund request that are made after seven days of purchase will be rejected. 

F 6.0: We are committed to keeping things civilized. Internet frauds have been increased for a few years. Simply claiming for refund after you download the digital file through payment process that we use ( PayPal & 2Checkout ) won’t be issued refund at all. You may not be among them who are doing these kind of frauds after downloading the digital file. Please kindly allow support team know what problem you are facing before raising a refund claim through payment processors. Buyer simply raising a refund claim through payment processors with random reasons are not eligible to have refund. 

G 7.0: If the purchased item is virtual service, not a product refund amount is determined accordingly. While performing a virtual service on our end, we also need to invest our time & manpower. We cannot simply issue a full refund in these types of case. We do not mean we will not refund to a buyer who has purchased the virtual service with us. Let us make more clear that the amount/percentage of refund will be determined on basis of total price vs work is done/delivered. 

H 8.0: We honour you an immediate refund if you contact support but they failed to reach you back within 24 hours. Please keep in mind these things do not apply during public holidays.

Note: All refund request should from our contact us page with the subject “Refund request”. While sending refund request please make sure you include your email address, full name & order number that you should have received during purchase confirmation. If any incomplete request is sent to us, you may face delay with your refund process. All refund request will be treated with special care. Please make sure you are within refund policy important terms to receive a refund.

Policy last updated date: 23 January 2021