Terms & Conditions

All the Terms and Conditions that are mentioned on this page, shall govern the use of this website. By visiting this website, purchasing or downloading products, and using the products from this website, you confirm to have read, understood, and agreed to all the Terms and Conditions mentioned below.

The terms “we”, “us”, “our”, “Cream Code”, “Themebeez”, “Addonify”, and “Cream Code Technology” refer to us at Cream Code Technology. Similarly, the terms “you”, “users”, “your” refer to all our users who use our products and services and visitors who visit our website.

Please! Do not use or access this website, if you disagree to any one of the Terms and Conditions mentioned on this page.


You are not eligible to register or sign up for account in our website if:

  • You are prohibited by any law, judicial act or a competent authority to enter into the agreement.
  • You are prohibited previously by Cream Code to enter into the agreement like this.
  • You are a part of a criminal organization and you are a resident of a prohibited state.
  • You are not working for an agreed organization or you do not hold necessary permit to enter into the agreement.

Registering or signing up as one of a user or customer, you confirm to agree the Terms and Conditions and accept abiding the following terms.

  • After registration or signing up, your account must belong to you only. You cannot share your account with anyone else. If you are a part of a corporation, then only few people including you should have access to this account.
  • During registration or signing up process for product or service purchase, we may ask you to verify your identification via various means. So we may need your correct mean, e.g. email ID, in order to verify your account.
  • If you are using our product and service, then use it in its true form and refrain from any activity that may disrupt the service of other users. You shall not do any malicious activities such as sending immoral or unsolicited messages, harassing and threatening messages, sending spams, etc. You shall not create scripts or codes that may negatively affect the services.


The services that are provided by Cream Code are mentioned below. We hold the complete authority or discretion to add or remove any services without any prior notice.

  • Online Store: Themebeez and Addonify are two online stores that we operate. We offer you to purchase WordPress themes and plugins along with their unique license.
  • Updates: Cream Code offer regular updates of products that you purchase from us.
  • License Key: Every product that you purchase from us, you get a unique license key that is required to unlock the core features of the products such as updates, demo content import, product support, etc. form us. Depending on type of product variation you have purchased, you can use the license key to activate certain numbers of websites. You cannot share the license key with third-party but you can use it on your customer’s website.


For the paid services and premium products that we offer at Themebeez and Addonify, when making the purchase, the payments are done through this website, Cream Code. There are various available payment modes that you can make payment through.

The premium products listed on Themebeez and Addonify are sold as recurring subscriptions and renewed annually automatically. The purchase of services provided by us are one time purchase. The recurring subscription is applicable for premium products unless the products do not come with lifetime license.

The prices of licensed products and services are determined by us, Cream Code, and may be updated form time to time without prior notice.

Please note the following details of Cream Code license subscription:

  • Subscription renewals are automatically processed annually. The renewal process continues and will be valid for every year unless the subscription is cancelled prior to renewal date.
  • You’ll be notified about the license renewal via email message that is sent 4 weeks prior to renewal date. You can use this information to continue or cancel the license renewal process.
  • You’ll get 30% discount on license renewal. The refund on renewal payments cannot be processed.
  • On cancelling the license renewal or not renew the license after the license is expired, you will not receive the product updates and support from us.
  • If you choose to renew the cancelled license or renew the license that has expired, then you’ll be charged the current price of the licensed product for license extension. We cannot charge you the older pricing to your renewal product.


All our products, themes and plugins, are licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.


We strongly recommend you contact us if you have any questions regarding our products before purchasing it.

We believe in quality and performances of our products. However, it might not be same for everyone. If you find an issue in our products, then let us know. We’ll do our best to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved or the product is not working as you have expected, then you can contact us for a refund after 7 days of product purchase. We’ll be happy to refund you the full amount.

  • After 7 days of the product purchase, no refunds will be processed. So, if you are not happy with the product, request for refund within 7 days of product purchase.
  • Refund will be processed only for the first purchase of a product. If you have purchased a product and have requested a refund, and again repurchased the same product and request the refund, then the refund for repurchased product will not be processed.
  • We reserve the rights to reject the refund request if deemed necessary.
  • Once you receive the refund, the license of product purchased will become invalid. Although you can use our product, you’ll receive no product update, will not be able to download demo contents, and will not receive product support.
  • You can request for a refund by contacting us at [email protected]


We maintain our themes and plugins run on latest WordPress version. If you are using WordPress, we recommend you follow the WordPress requirements.

We do not guarantee that our themes and plugins will work with third-party themes or plugins.


Since we provide digital products, there is no warranty of quality. We shall not be liable while using our product, if any damage occurs and causes losses in your business.


Once you have made payment for a product and your payment is successfully processed, you’ll receive an email that contains your order detail and other purchase details.

You can find your downloads and licenses associated in your account area. You can download your product or manage license simply by logging into your account area. You can also find your purchase history in your account area.

For any valid and active license, you can re-download your purchased products.


All of the products, images, videos, and content, which are used in this website, are the property of Cream Code. Without our consent, you cannot claim our content and products, but you can refer everything on this website.


We believe in our products that deliver the best possible solutions. However, you may find issues and incompatibilities with them. Let us know about the issues and incompatibilities so that we can help you resolve them. For those who possess valid and active license, we provide dedicated support. If you have expired license, then renew your license to get the dedicated support.


Cream Code may send occasional emails to share recent updates about products, templates, freebies, promotions, and more. If you do not want us to send those occasional emails, you can opt out of our email newsletter anytime.


Cream Code reserves right at any time to

  • Change any information, specifications, features or functionality of this website.
  • Suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any available services, and features or functionality.
  • Impose limit or restriction on any available services, and features or functionality.

The application of above mentioned cases may be with or without notice and without liability to you or any third party.

Cream Code may time to time update or revise its Terms and Conditions. It your responsibility to review the Terms and Conditions periodically. You can view the updated and revised Terms and Conditions on this website. Whenever Cream Code updates or revises its Terms and Conditions, we will notify you either by sending email or posting it on this website.


If you have any questions regarding our products, services, or this website, you can contact us.

Last updated: 23 January, 2021