User Data Processing

Last updated: 06 December 2022

User Data Processing Engine known as (UDP) is a tool developed by us to collect non-sensitive user WordPress data. We introduced the UDP tool in early December 2022 to improve the quality of our products (themes and plugins). This article explains what data we collect and how we process user WordPress data collected by the UDP tool.

UDP has been implemented in all/most of the “CreamCode” products aka Themebeez & Addonify products to collect the non-sensitive data from users’ WordPress sites.

What data do we collect from your WordPress site?

We collect a few non-sensitive WordPress installation data. Below types of data that we collect.

  • Your website address (URL).
  • Whether SSL certificate is installed.
  • The version of Curl SSL
  • Version of Curl installed.
  • Your email address.
  • PHP version of your web hosting server.
  • Type of the web server software (Example: Apache, Nginx or LiteSpeed)
  • Installed themes & plugins.
  • If the xmlreader exists.
  • Is Imagick Extension available?
  • The version of WordPress is installed.
  • WordPress language in general settings.
  • WordPress time zone in general settings.
  • If a website is WordPress Multisite installation.

How do we use the data collected?

We use the data to analyze how our product is being used and improve our products accordingly. These non-personal data help us to build our products better, and more compatible with all the different server environments.

Case scenario 1: Let’s assume 10% of our customers are using PHP version 5.6. Once we have your server’s PHP information we can decide if we need to add backward compatibility for PHP 5.6 or not.

Case scenario 2: Let’s assume 5% of our customers are using the Caddy server. Once we have your server information we can decide if we need to add Caddy server compatibility or not.

Hence, this is how helpful the data can be for us while building our products.

Do we share or sell data collected by us?

We don’t share, sell or trade your non-sensitive data with any third-parties companies. All the data that we have collected is processed to make our software better & to provide you with the best experience. Your data will also help us to understand your support queries and serve your better.

We “CreamCode” may use your email address to reach you via email in some cases i.e major product updates, service/products related promotional emails, etc.

What if you do not wish to share any data?

We value your privacy, please be informed that we do not collect any data from your site without your permission. If you do not wish to share any data, you can disable the data collection from the WordPress dashboard > Settings > General settings.

User Data Processing 1
Fig: User data collection checkbox.

Your non-sensitive data is synced to our server only once you enable this option shown in the above figure. If you have any queries regarding data collection please contact us.